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What is the Global Sports Reward Scheme

We want to celebrate with everyone that finds their next job through Global Sports with a £100 gift voucher. Once you accept your new job, let us know following the below T&C's and we will send you your reward, it's as easy as that. 🎉



Reward Scheme Terms & Conditions:
To be eligible for the gift voucher, the following Terms & Conditions will apply:

i) You must have applied for the job via and have fully registered yourself before applying

ii) You must have accepted the job after 22nd April 2024 that you applied for with the advertising client

iii) You must have started your new contract of employment and still be employed when the gift card is digitally sent to you

iv) Your employer will be asked to confirm your appointment and Global Sports will require written confirmation

v) Your gift card will be emailed to your new work email address

vi) You must be fully eligible to accept the terms and conditions of your new employment including the Right to Work

vii) Global Sports will endeavour to send successful gift cards within 30 days of you starting your new job

viii) Global Sports reserves the right to fully change the terms and conditions of the Reward Scheme at our discretion at any time

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